Project description: Amusement Parks

Engineering and software-development for a well-known Swiss company, manufacturing amusement parks worldwide.

Spring 2002

Eventpark, Dungeon, Hamburg, Germany

BNB developed the Software for:

  • Siemens PLC S7
  • Incl. commissioning, Customer Training

Complete Electro Engineering including Safety Issues for Ride Safety Control TUEV has been done by BNB

  • Electro - Engineering
  • Electro - Schematics done on Rotring E- CAD
  • Project- Management (Electro)
  • Production of Control- Panel

Further Information to the Theme-park:

Look for Hamburg Dungeon ------  Sturmflut 1717



  • Boat Ride with 3 Turning Tables where the boat is turned with 90.
  • Splash Down
  • A Ride takes about 2.5min
  • There are usually 3 Boats with 6 persons on the ride





hhdungeon3 hhdungeon4


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