Software Engineering (PLC, SCADA)

We are able to develop any kind of software on any PLC or on any SCADA System. Currently we are equipped with the following Software - Development - Environment mentioned in the table below. Don't hesitate to ask for other system. With our wide knowledge and the existing engineering network we are able to realize any automation, any software on time and in budget.

Management Layer
Database- Application, IT- Networktechnologie, Internet, Intranet


  • Microsoft Visual C++/ JAVA / VisualBasic, Access

  • Wonderware (Intouch7x) within Industrial Automation, SQL- Database connection, WindowsNT Server, TCP/IP

MMIOperator Layer



Operation, Datalogging, HMI (Human Man Interface) based on  WinNT, Win98, DOS (PC104 Plattform)


  • Wonderware (Intouch7x) and other.

  • Galileo Touch-Screen from MicroInnovation,

  • Panel Builder from Allen Bradley

  • Panel Mate from Cuttler and Hammer

  • ProTool from Siemens

  • Microsoft Visual C++, Turbo Pascal, PC104

Control Layer
Standard PLC, PC-Systems with integrated I/O

Siemens IDE



  • Siemens S7- 200 MicroWin32/ S7 - 300 and S7 - 400,

  • AllenBradley SLC500/ Controlllogix5000 with 8 Axis Servo Control

  • misc. Selectron PLC Control, IEC1131


Sensoric- Actoric Layer
AC- Servo- Systems, Position-Control, Field bus- System


  • AC-Servo-Systems AMK, 

  • Allen Bradley Servo Motion System connected to the latest Allen Bradley ControlLogix5000 System

  • Profibus, Device und ControllNet


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