Electro Engineering (Electro - CAD)

Currently we are equipped with the state of the art Electro- Engineering System from the company ROTRING. We run our project with the latest release of ROTRING that is currently Release 7.x.

With this system we are able to import existing schematics using the AutoCAD import filter. So if you have existing schematics we are able to modify them in a very short time. For your documentation facility we are able to deliver all schematics and documentation in the Acrobat Reader Standard.

E- CAD Schematic Design Tool used for all of our projects:
(like the follow Screen Shot)

All the used Components/ Part List are managed in the Engineering- tool. Cable pull-list are created by the tool (if parameterized). The bill of material can be emailed or faxed directly to the supplier to order all the electrical parts. 



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