Curriculum vitae from Christian Brauchli


Christian Brauchli

Bahnhofstrasse 7
CH- 8572 Berg
Cell phone: +41 / 78 / 616 22 14
Office: +41 / 71 / 638 00 45
Office Fax: +41 / 71 / 638 00 46
Date of Birth: 18-Aug-69 Affoltern A. Switzerland


04/1985 - 04/1989
Apprenticeship for an Electronic- Mechanic according to Swiss education law at the company H. Bieri, Elektromechanische Werkstatt, 9214 Kradolf


11/1989 - 11/1992
Electronic/ Software- Engineer (FH) HTL EMRT, Neu-Technikum CH - Buchs. Specialized on Networking/TCP-IP/ and C/C++ -Software running under Unix


04/1994 - 11/1995
Business Administration- Engineer STV (NDS) with Service- Management, Kaderschule CH - St.Gallen. Specialized on Marketing.


04/1993 - 04/1995
Development - engineer for hardware and software, head of development dep.
Company: RST AG, Elektronik, Messtechnik und Automation, CH-8572 Berg

Tasks: Project- leader for projects of hard-wired systems and software (Intel8051, Motorola HC09, Orcad, using language C51 and assembler), Customer training.


04/1995 - 06/1996
Software Development Engineer
Company: Zellweger Luwa AG, Wilstrasse 10, CH-8610 Uster

Tasks: Development- engineer for hardware and software, (Motorola DSP 56002, Motorola 68356 68k and DSP56002 in the same core, C, C++, using Realtime-Time- Operating System VxWorks, Turbo Pascal OOP,) project leader for introducing object oriented programming at Zellweger Uster, responsible for quality- organization (ISO 9001) in the development dept., project leader for business- organization projects to increase efficiency and success.


06/1996 – 01/1998
Product- manager and project-leader for a new generation of plant monitoring system
Company: Zellweger Luwa AG, Wilstrasse 10, CH-8610 Uster (same company as above)

Tasks: Project and product- management, international customer support and service training, human resource management (8 employees), build up of an software team in India, member of the core-team "business process reengineering".


03/1998- 01/1999
Vice-President Marketing
Company: STF AG, Gewerbestrasse 3, CH-8500 Frauenfeld

Tasks: Head of marketing, project- leader of flag-ship projects, head of EDP


01/1999 to 10/2000
Head of Software/Automation Department
Company: SANTEX, Fliegeneggstrasse, CH-9555 Tobel

Tasks: Head of software and automation department. (10 software-engineers), project-leader for flagship projects and prototype development. Software engineer for specific projects in the United States.


10/2000- to current
Manager R&D and President of "Brauchli Netsolution Berg"

Task: Developing of Embedded Applications based on VxWorks, Motorola microprocessors, Digital Signal Processors DSP, Industrial- Automation /

Summary Of Skills: (Management)

Project leader, product-management, human resources, coaching, marketing (analysis, strategy, realization), quality management (ISO 9001), member and project leader of different "business process engineering" projects.

Summary Of Skills:
(Industrial Electronics)

  • C/ VC++, MFC, Java, Turbo Pascal OOP, Ada (under VMS), Modula 2, Assembler, Pspice, Matlab/ MathCad, C++ with WindRiver VxWorks.
  • Operating-systems: Dos, Windows95, WindRiver VxWorks, Unix, Windows NT 4.0
  • Object-oriented analyzing, programming and development
  • Orcad, AutoCAD,
  • Intel MCU8051(PLM and C51), Motorola HC09 (Assembler), Motorola DSP 56002, Motorola 68K, MicroChip, Development of analog and digital circuits such as fast analyzing analog units for micro welding- units, DC-DC- Converters,
  • Network Engineering: TCP/IP, Designing of Networks for companies with about 30 users
  • Microsoft Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PM-Tools, MS-Project

Summary Of Skills:
(Industrial Automation)

  • Automation and Motion
    PLC: Siemens S7, Allen Bradley SLC500/PLC5, Selectron MPS50, Selectron PLC40, and Visualization with Wonderware, Fieldbus-system. Motion-Control with AMK and AB. Realization of Automation-Projects using Soft-PLC, Allen Bradley, Control Logix
  • Communications Protocols:
    Profibus DP, Allen-Bradley Data Highway +, DeviceNet, ControlNet


German: As native language
English: Speak and write fluent English
French: 3 years study

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